The accomplishment journal and you

Ever had those  days when you are so busy yet at the end of the day you feel like you have nothing to show for  it? Or your husband will ask you of your day, and ul give him a long list  of household and kids things.  but u think really.. what have i achieved today.

Perhaps you wander about  corporate women with awe and maybe envy,seeing them as achieving much,working towards goals maintaining  them, keeping fit, etc. Newsflash!!!The grass aint greener on the other side.

This post is for  those  women especially mothers, who feel as they’ve lost sight of their own goals,their own dreams and their own successes.  or that its just out of reach.

Being at home had its perks,but boy it was also tiring. when I had my babies it frustrated me sometimes as I felt like I only changed nappies, sang barney songs endlessly, dealt with tantrums, and took a whole day to make a simple pot of baked beans,recording feeds and poos either in writing or mentally. That was my entire day.

Last year again I was home and couldnt understand why with “free” mornings with kids gone to school, I was just not getting to enjoy my couch. Possibly coz I just wasn’t built for it. But thats another blog for another time.At the end of the day I felt empty and unfulfilled.

Then i started  keeping an accomplishment journal. I started realising  that actually I was getting alot done. i just wasnt registering them as accomplishments. Alot of my daily activities seemed small or menial, not adding up to much. I was helping out with an orphanage tutoring program as well as travelled, and seeing to kids, and food preps.Yet i didnt give myself enough credit for all that I do.

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the accomplishment journal: how it works

So similar to a gratitude journal, choose a period which you wish to work with, daily weekly or monthly . Set aside 10 minutes to just write in it. Dont be modest, or scanty with details.It doesnt have to be shared.

No detail is small enough to list.  if you changed  8 diapers, and dealt with  2 tantrums in one day and survived to tell the tale, hey thats an accomplishment. Perhaps you prepared a different sumptious successful meal.. write it down. Give yourself credit. (I say successful meal, coz sometimes ,ok most times mine are well er less than successful). You cleaned out the cupboards, or a particular  space you’ve been thinking about for a while. You managed to get out of the house with a toddler and a baby,and enjoyed it. Its noteworthy.  You showered. You effectively disciplined  your kid/s. Its noteworthy. You taught your kids a new song,surah, poem,manners. Its not a small thing. You read a book. Contracted a new client.Waxed your legs. Went to the gym. (I find myself slightly disappointed when i go to the gym after ages and am not welcomed by a red carpet, and a straight line of staff waiting to greet me. One day)

Some of these may seem “small” or insignificant, however for some mothers who are struggling with coping,having a shower may be her accomplishment for the day.

Once  you start identifying your accomplishments  you’ll  start valuing your role as a mother a lot more as you are able to see your own contributions  to your family,to your kids upliftment and development. Hopefully you’ll  also realise that all the small things you actually add up.  They count. You  count. And what you do matters. Your kids, orhusband may not value what you do today, but someday they will.


A working mums 3 week of school vacation. Working.

Anxious about the holiday.  About working. About where to leave the kids while im at work. What will they do, Where will they go? Planning activities in between work, having a plan of action . this was a regular occurrence at holidays.  including this one.

3 weeks, i thought.. omw what will they do. What will i do. Here comes boredomville, which passes through nagtown, and then gets me at guilt city.

A few days at granma 1,aunt1,granma 2, aunt 2, i thought.Day trips. Play dates with friends. Movies. Relax. Pyjama days. 3 weeks is alot of time to fill up the spaces with.


With Eid having just preceded the holidays , my  kids had collected some “Eidy” from abovementioned family members and others.I had decided to let them spend it as they wish. Without telling them no. Or its too expensive- but merely advising  them.  On the first weekend.they went shopping  and were really excited. they bought expensive and some useless things from shops they wanted to.Not surprisingly for me, they were surprised at how little things theys came back with for the amount of money they had.They had collected a nice fat amount- enough for 3.5 to 4.5 pairs of good shoes.Legos. Fancy pens.Colour pencils.Decor party lights  for the room. Yes – crap lights for R200.  I mean really, they dont even provide enough light to go to the bathroom. Anyways thats what he wanted- i was happy to just be the driver, and the parental accompaniment as chief protector.

First few days in.. they played with lego and the new stuff. They enjoyed being home, relaxing, having an undisturbed sleep, watching tv, and not having the pressure of homework  or extra murals.

Week 2- they accompanied me to my office, and were happy to use MsWord, and the printer. A few days at my sisters place, an outing to a bouncing studio, and some time with the cousins. An afternoon movie after work ( oh the joys ). A weekend away in a hustling joburg “mall” (oh dear).This is actually not too bad i thought.

Jinx. then it starts. the nagging. the boredom. the frustration.the guilt. the tears (mine), and tears held back(my sons), and a kind of sick other child. Coupled with a deadline and an important meeting in the same week. Cancellations on weekly plans. friends that are not around, and that actually go on vacation in the time alotted for it, and not like us in the middle of school term because its much cheaper.The third week made me realise why I like going to work. Why i would rather be there at some times, doing calculations on leases and depreciation, than be home with a nagging child. Being a working mum , in the holidays certainly has it challenges. And challenge me it did. Ive never thought id need to invest in a parenting book- i was doing ok. till now. but im ready. im ready to hit exclusive books parenting isle. and spend the entire day reading there, where my kids or husband wont find me.

Please share with me some of your own parenting tips, coping methods, and strategies in dealing with a 9year old anda 7 year old.


Over and out……




Planning kids activities during Ramadaan

So its Ramadaan. Alhamdulilah. and its just dawned on me at the very start of ramadaan that my kids will be getting bored.  This prompted by my 7 year old daughter asking me ” what can i do now” immediately  after supper before the first fast.

Here comes the boredom  train for the kids. 30 days of no tv, mums attention perhaps  abit less due to the increased salahs and ibadah.

This post is mainly aimed at myself , as a personal reminder or notes for getting through ramadan a little easier, however I hope it will benefit at least 1 reader in a small way.

Weekends tend to feel longer in Ramadan as we are all up a few hours earlier, and we dont pass time in front of the tv . This year in Joburg our fasts are around 12 hours, from about 5:30 am to 5:30 pm- which is relatively short fasting day, especially when you are busy at work. Lets go to the weekends, and to free time on weekdays- and go through some  options of keeping the kids entertained.

Keep a few activities planned for the kids. Arts and crafts. Story time,  Board Games.Friend.

Books: for the evenings. select an islamic book which you can read to them each day. I’ve  found the book 77 stories from the quran very apt. the stories of the prophets are kept brief,and written simply enough for kids to understand too. There are many kids books as well with  stories of the prophets,which are nicely illustrated  and suitable for smaller kids.Al Huda bookshop in Fordsburg has a vast range of kiddies books available in store.. Ive also found a set of books called ” storied from the quran” by Maulana Muhammed Hifzur Rehman Seoharvi which has colour pictures of actual  sites  or maps relating to history. Example a picture of the place where Nuh (A.S)’s ark was. This book has been sitting in cupboard for a few years, regularly dusted off at spring cleaning times. I plan to incorporate thisw  book with the previous one, as there is nothing better than seeing pictures relating to the history

Set a time to read to them. I will have to experiment with a few time slots to see what works best for us. Perhaps after Fajr may be the best, as they are awake early, and their minds still fresh (and mine too).

Identify what your child would relate to (some kids would take to kids stories and pictures,some to audio, or to hearing you read to them, or reading themselves) and encourage them to do a few minutes of that each day.

Games: Al huda bookshop also has a selection of islamic board games. there are many online stores that have these as well. You wil find something age appropriate at this bookstore. For toddlers and kids, there are colouring books, activity books, activity cards, puzzles. You’ll also find audio cd’s and dvd’s.

Pre plan craft activities.

Get your kids to make a few bookmarks for you,themselves, and the books you will read to them. Get them to take their time with it in order to create beautiful pieces. Keep the crayons,markers and other stationery  items ready and sharpened. (if i were a few inches away from a horrible mum I’d make them sharpen ALL their colour pencils as an activity  alone for one weekend. )

Toward the end of ramadan ,eid card making could replace bookmarking.

Clean out their cupboards. With them.        Not having tv  time frees up some space for  constructive things. Your children,and mine, will  probably disagree. (Ok i agree- this does not constitute fun stuff)

When you start running out of ideas.. call a friend over. preferably a fasting,subdued kinda friend who your child can play lego with, and not work up too muchof an appetite or thirst. Having their friends over keeps them occupied for a few hours, and they less likely to complain.

I would love to take my kids with me  to an orphanage i help out at once in a while. I doubt im going to  succeed with that one.. its been an unsuccessful  mission for a while now to get my kids to join.  And no, im not bribing  them with chocolates or sweets or money or toys. Nothing but inner rewards and rewards from God.

Outings: In Ramdaan we generally avoid high energy level activities, so no acrobranch, gold reef city, or bounce. We also dont go to movies or watch at home. Our out-of-house activities tend to lean toward visiting family and friends (which I enjoy), Art jamming, relaxed outings to the park, mall visits(as much as I try to avoid those). perhaps this year we could give Sci-bono another go, as wel as the planetarium.


Should you have suggestions for kids activities in ramadaan please post them below as a comment. Also feel free to share Your ramadaan activities with your kids.


Below are a few tips from the net for getting through Ramadaan

tips for a child friendly ramadaan


tips for ramadaan fun

Crazy shouting drawing mum

Lol. lookie what i found on my phone from last yr. needless to say my kids were  very errmmm amused (bemused?????) at my incredible  drawing skills. what can i say.. i have talent.  
a quick transcript or text if you cannot read mt writing .. perhaps you are mesmerised hy my drawings,so the writing seems illegible. 

mum: eb (sons abbreviated name-due to space) plz shower . 

mum: please shower right now

mum: Get in the shower now

mum: do you have ears or potatoes.  I said get in the shower!!!!!!!(really what kind of mum would i be if i didnt use lines from the mum handbook,handed down invisibly from generation)

colouring between the homework lines 

This year my kids are in grade 2 and 3, so they dont need tons of attention when it comes to homework. they are understanding  the concepts and whats required of them.  they do need supervision though. they need me to just sit at the table  with them to guide them along, or assist where necessary. Now previously  I would sit on my phone on facebook or  whatsapp, and pass my time in that way.  as i do at many other moments  in my life. ( whilst stirring  the food, while flicking channels, whilst having tea, when changing  up-ok im not soo bad. im getting better) 

Whilst cleaning out my daughters one shelf (out of many many many  that still need to be sorted), i came across this-which i lovingly bought for my kids,who wanted adult colouring books when they are clearly  not adults yet: 

i find it much more relaxing than twizzling my thumb  scrolling through  tons of things. all the time.

and my kids are  so surprised coz I have my own set of markers and colour pencils. And i keep them intact, lids and all. in its original packaging. Perhaps they’ll  want to borrow  soon, and laugh wickedly and say no. and lecture  them on keeping their things together  and its is place. and then id feel bad and give in.  




Monday blues

when you wake up on a monday morning to the bright sunshine filtering through  your window.. and your 7 year old daughter comes to your room  (for what reason you cant rememeber. and you ask her.. what day is it.she tells you Monday. and you say no it cant be. omw . shit. what is the time. you reach for your phone and realise you have 15 minutes  before school starts,you still have to make lunch,and get yourself ready for work. Work. Monday. aaaaarrrgh. you were so much better off not knowing what day it was. 

Last minute holiday-ers for your kids

So theres a week left for the school holidays to end,and im left wondering where did the last 2 weeks go to. (Yes it went into starting a new job,ramadan preparations and funerals-and i now feel like i havent spent enough quality  time with my kids).
If you ,like me, have suddenly woken up now only in terms of holiday activities , this is a short list of last minute holiday ideas for the half-a-day/ (flexi time) working  mother,which are not too time consuming

Picnic  in the park: take along their favourite  book,some snacks, a pillow and perhaps their bikes, and just enjoy the winter sun
Swimming at your local gym,or heated pool. i love this as there is no option of distraction by that darned cellphone if you are in the water as well
Visit your local library: old school cool.. find a spot ,get comfortable and read to your kids
Movies,popcorn and slush: there are about 3 kid  movies on circuit at the moment locally (The BFG,Finding Dory and i cant recall the third one)
Art jamming:  let your kids creativity be unleashed on canvas. and whats better is they can mess without  the repercussions of mums shouting. you could unleash abit  of your messy  side too, and come home with a masterpiece as well.  See their website for stores in your area.
Acrobranch: Do the obstacle  courses in the trees and feel like Tarzan and Jane.
Theatre. Roald dahls Georges marvellous medicine is playing at the childrens theatre childrens theatre in Jhb.
croc city  crocodile  and reptile park in fourways(jhb)
082 644 2373
Gold reef city: always a winner with the kids

Invite some of your kids friends over,or for the above activities for added fun:)

Our kids will only be kids for a short time… enjoy them..engage them..cherish them..cherish their childhood..